Audi will bring to Frankfurt “breakthrough” lighting equipment

Audi will bring to Frankfurt "breakthrough" lighting equipment

Audi has announced the public premiere of the concept car, which will be demonstrated by a new version of the rear lights with organic light-emitting diodes (OLED). Their creation of the German mark has been, at least since 2013. At the “Audi” was named this technology a new step in the development of automotive lighting.

OLED-diode lights differ from the fact that they do not produce light using LED-point elements, and semiconductor layers with thickness less than one-thousandth of a millimeter every . So lanterns can be given any shape, which should open a creative space for designers. OLED-technology is already finding applications in consumer electronics, such as smartphones with curved screens.

Audi has refined this technology by combining it with another of its development – “matrix” headlamps. Such a step would allow sharing OLED-elements into small segments that emit light in different colors and with different brightness. This will change the lamps in the so-called “color scripts” and send pictures of any complexity.

Audi will bring to Frankfurt "breakthrough" lighting equipment

The direction indicators and brake lights – the following elements automotive lighting, in which Audi is going to introduce OLED-elements. In addition, the company will improve the material from which made the basis for the OLED-layers. Now it is made from the finest glass, but in the future, hope in the “Audi”, will be made of plastic films.

In addition to Audi, to develop OLED-light district is the company BMW. In contrast, from Audi, the Bavarian brand wants to make the brake lights and turn indicators of the conventional light-emitting diodes and organic LEDs are going to use in interior illumination.