E-Raw – a prototype electric cafe-racer-and

E-Raw - a prototype electric cafe-racer-and

Atelier called Expemotion presented the original design – the prototype of a motorcycle-type cafe-racer’s electric.

The concept called E-Raw is very simple and very stylish, it is able to become a trendsetter in the field of elektrokafereyserov if anyone will dare to repeat this experience.

The base bike – tubular frame, which is in the exoskeleton, enclosed battery compartment and partially electric motor.

accordingly very simple pendulum adds bike sensation Architecture drag racing, and creates the impression that the bike is actually longer than it really is.

Pens, however, look a little bicycle and a few in the retro style, but authors, yes and many critics, these things are not confused.

But the most original thing in this concept – it is amazing how its shape and its simplicity, seat. I do not really understand how to use it. Firstly, when driving is clearly too harsh. Save, for example, leather lining. And secondly, made of wood, it will be amortized to depreciate, and at some point a crack, which may result in a completely undesirable problems and cause an accident. So you better obviously still work to strengthen the concept of the authors of this design – even let it be a few to the detriment of its beauty – it’s all the same motorcycle, but not pure art without practical application.