Introduce a new generation Tesla Roadster in 2019

Introduce a new generation Tesla Roadster in 2019

The company will introduce a new generation Tesla Roadster model in 2019. This publication Autocar said the head of the brand Elon Musk. The company’s engineers decided to abandon the use of the chassis Lotus Elise, which was built by the current generation of the car. Most likely, the new Roadster will be built on a shortened platform Model S.

The novelty will receive the new regime Ludicrous, thereby markedly increase the dynamic characteristics of the car. In addition, the model will be equipped with a new battery and an upgraded battery. Other technical details are kept secret.

In August 2015, the sale will go restyled version of the Tesla Roadster. The main change that will receive the model of the American brand, is to increase the cruising range on a single charge. Now the car is able to travel up to 643 kilometers. The initial performance reserve is not more than 390 km.

This was made possible after the installation of a car battery with new cells. They can be stored at 31% more energy than before. The size of the unit with batteries and their weight is virtually unchanged. Significantly increase the reserve of new products, engineers were able to, inter alia, through improved aerodynamics and tires with low rolling.

Recall model Tesla Roadster was introduced in 2006. Car sales started in 2008. Production of electric cars ended in 2012. In total for this period the company managed to sell 2,500 of these machines.