Sebastian Vettel won the Hungarian Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel won the Hungarian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg started the race poorly and immediately forward missed both drivers, “Ferrari” of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen. Moreover, Hamilton, who slipped at the start from first place to fourth, a mistake under braking, hooked on the grass and went off the road, said.

As a result of the error, Lewis returned to the track just a tenth behind Massa, and then started leap forward, while Vettel and Raikkonen gradually broke away from Rosberg.

Quiet during the race changed dramatically after 40 laps. At first, Kimi Raikkonen lost speed due to loss of engine power, and after two laps off the road Nico of “Force India”, which itself broke off the front fender. On the track left the safety car, and the advantage of the “Ferrari” was offset.

After the restart Nico Rosberg was immediately became uncompetitive Raikkonen and Hamilton came under pressure Riccardo and eventually collided, received a penalty in the form of travel on the pitlane.

On the 64th lap, there was another clash – between Ricardo and Rosberg. At the Australian was broken front wing and the German was forced to get off the rest of the circle with a puncture.

In the end, Vettel came first, the second – Russian Daniil Kvyat, third – the ill-fated Riccardo. The best result of this season showed the Dutchman Max Verstappen of “Toro Rosso” and Spaniard Fernando Alonso, shutting the top 5. Hamilton came only sixth, Rosberg – eighth.