Test drive BMW X1 – the flesh of the flesh

Test drive BMW X1 - the flesh of the flesh

You should not scorn to wrinkle your nose and talk about the fact that BMW is not the same. For example, the third series sedans of all generations, starting with E21, which are at the hotel in Austria. Short routes on each and obvious verdict: outdated. They go very well, but on a mountain road Mini furnish any modern old “three-ruble note” in a jiffy. The family car need to sculpt the other patterns. New BMW X1 – the first “front wheel” crossover with transmission xDrive. This, of course, about the architecture of the chassis – a new platform with a transverse engine and drive with an emphasis on the front wheels. A quote can be removed and – the Bavarians have already announced front-wheel drive X1 sDrive, which in Europe is considered as the base. With a three-cylinder engine and manual transmission.
Platform UKL, which formed the basis of the new X1, the Bavarians have presented a year ago, when he made his debut monocab BMW Active Tourer. On the same chassis with McPherson struts at the front and independent rear mnogoryichazhka built the whole family of third generation Mini. Motors with double-flow turbines Twin Scroll arranged transversely. A similar transmission system xDrive crossover All4 Mini Countryman – an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch in the drive the rear wheels. If senior crossovers transmission xDrive has a rear wheel drive configuration, in the case of the X1 is the opposite: the initial distribution of the moment – 60:40 in favor of the front axle. In theory, multi-plate clutch can play whatever you like thrust, but the Bavarians insist that a pure front-wheel crossover can only be in the absence of the clutch at the rear wheels. Or with a label sDrive aft.

Test drive BMW X1 - the flesh of the flesh

And what, in fact, here at BMW? Bavarians like their competitors from Mercedes (the same Active Tourer – direct analog B-Class), trying to cover an increasing share of the market, coming in all possible segments and sub-segments. That’s just their classical ideas about the design of the car is not always triggered. X1 of the first generation that opens the segment of compact luxury crossover sold well (in six years, sold 730 thousand. Machines), but at 100% of the audience did not get. Young customers who X1 was hard to accustom to the brand, not just waiting for refined drive, and more versatility. And against the backdrop of the older X3 and X5 first X1 does not look like a real crossover BMW. Very long hood, pressed to the ground feed is too large lights – all these imbalances compromise many causes rejection.

New X1 looks harmonious and whole. Externally – the flesh of BMW. The grille and headlights with beveled rings LED running lights are typical and recognizable. As the form of the bumper in which encrypted symbol “X”. The short hood – just merit a new architecture with a transverse engine, which is compactly laid before the engine shield the body. A trunk lid crowned U-shaped spoiler called aeroblade – completely unnoticed detail, elegant and precise final shape of strong crossover.

Test drive BMW X1 - the flesh of the flesh

With an eye on the proverbial versatility of a new body designed just more spacious. New slightly shorter than its predecessor, significantly wider than it higher. Cabin fundamentally different: the ceiling is now no pressure on the head, even taking into account the fact that the landing was significantly higher than before – nothing to do with posture, “the fifth point on the floor”, typical of the first X1 and the current “third.” Moreover, a new generation of crossover spacious all other dimensions, and the passenger behind the driver sits 180 cm tall, without touching the chair or your knees or feet. This rack holds good under the shutter 505 liters, and if the machine is equipped with a sliding second row, the volume of the compartment can be increased by another 85 liters. Finally, the list of additional equipment there and foldable backrest of the front passenger seat – the last argument for those who could not shove before X1 in the box with the cabinet of IKEA.


The interior is almost entirely borrowed from Active Tourer with the only difference being that the climate control unit at X1 pulled up to the radio, and the box with sliding shutters moved to the gear box. The keys on the tunnel arranged differently, and he separated from the high side of the passenger. The rim is decorated with stitched leather, textured pseudo wood panel looks natural, but in the dark interior trim is highlighted by the contour lines. Looks Salon expensive and certainly more fun than the middle-aged “three rubles” – exactly the way to translate the machine tool from the category of driving in the category of the vehicle, emotionally and visually rich.

Realizing that no three-cylinder base engine version xDrive18i, xDrive16d diesel or initial can not stress this bold visual richness, the organizers of such machines are not brought to the test. Not ready yet and X1 xDrive20i, which we will certainly be in high demand. Journalists issued X1 xDrive25i and X1 xDrive25d – models that will serve as long as the top version.

Test drive BMW X1 - the flesh of the flesh

The two-liter diesel engine – not the quiet one, but in the cabin did not hear even with good acceleration. Vibration is minimal, and acceleration is smooth and quite “gasoline”, at least with an eight, “automaton”. A box as gently and precisely shuffles transmission constantly keeping diesel in tone, that the type of engine did not even guess – so consistent and seems adequate acceleration. But in limiting modes of power unit waiting for something more, subconsciously expecting some second wind turbine or a delayed reaction. But no, all smoothly, quietly and, of course, quite quickly.

Gasoline X1 xDrive25i with two-liter turbo engine of the same capacity at first seems a little more angry, although for convenience traction control and speed of reaction on the accelerator gives diesel. But it sounds more thoroughly, in vain, that four. With dynamics, too full order, and drive along the winding paths of rural Germany in such X1 easy and pleasant. By “foreign” chassis there does not arise any claims. Relatively compact crossover, as befits a real BMW, perfectly writes turns, honestly informing the driver synthesized, but it is quite natural effort on the steering wheel. If much exceed the speed on corner entry, predictable slides the front axle. Dovorachivat traction on rear-wheel drive architecture machines, it makes no sense. Simply rely on the stabilization system that works accurately and clearly.

In the ideal of German highways dense suspension carries very comfortable. Swing is not in sight, banks are minimal. Test cars have been equipped with adaptive chassis, which can change the damping force, but significant changes in the nature of the machine when it is not happening. Much more notable changes keys on the console to make the engine management system and a box – a leisurely Eco Pro Sport changes to bluff just two movements.

Test drive BMW X1 - the flesh of the flesh

But it is – in Germany. For off-road Bavarians themselves recommend the base suspension, which should be a little more comfortable. Especially because mode selector key is not going anywhere and will continue to adjust the responsiveness of the power unit and the effort on the steering wheel. Or walk, so walk – uncompromising M package reduced by 10 mm ground clearance, which relies more aggressive appearance kit.

On conventional roads M-kit only prevents: aggressive projections of the front bumper and strive to cling to something. Machinery in versions XLine and SportLine look more utilitarian, but the bottom, corners bumpers and sills have reserved unpainted plastic, and the angles of entry and exit more. With clearance of 184 mm X1 quite boesposoben on easy roads and xDrive with the stabilization system to cope even with a simple diagonal display. But to climb deep into the forest is still not worth it – too small suspension moves.

About that, in what form Jr. X1 comes to Russia, we learn in August, when the office will announce packaging and price. Accurate price tag in the region of 2 million rubles could draw the model coveted young audience – people who had not managed to get hooked on the charm of the charged iron rear-wheel drive design and ready to take such a brand: versatile, practical and conventionally front wheel. In this format, the crossover could be their very first BMW.