Test drive BMW X5 xDrive25d

Test drive BMW X5 xDrive25d

With this expressive front of new X5 looks pretty aggressively. But in the back of the profile can seem ponderous and too massive. The fact that the very pillars have kept the dynamic slope, but on the sides of the glass tailgate appeared aerodynamic “blades» Air Blade. Painted black, they blend in with the body and visually expand the rack, so that a light car no such effect. And most importantly, that together with the vertical slots of air curtains in the front bumper and “gills” in the wings, these elements provide the new BMW X5 a low drag coefficient Cx = 0.31.

At first glance, the current BMW X5 with factory index F15 looks leaner predecessor. In fact, it was 29 mm long and 14 mm wide, but at 15 mm below through reduced clearance. And the chairs are located at an altitude of successful, so get into the cabin and get out of it made it easier. The wheelbase is 2993 mm the same as before, but the interior space is used wisely Bole, so on the second row here are spacious and comfortable.

Test drive BMW X5 xDrive25d

When ordering a car at the 7-seater version the gallery held ducts for heating and ventilation. And for the 2-liter cars, this option is available for any other versions of the BMW X5. If you confuse the outstanding basic and most affordable modification inscription «xDrive25d» on the front doors, when ordering the model they may be waived. While packages Pure Excellence, Pure Experience, M Sport and the BMW Individual, and the mass of individual elements for exterior and interior decoration will help to emphasize the sporty chic or “fifth X” or give it more personality.

The car retained the distinctive tailgate, consisting of two horizontal sectors that longtime fans will appreciate the model. But for the first time in its history it had the upper flap actuator! Further, designers have found an additional 30 liters of volume, and now in this country can be purchased X5 formally with the third row of seats.

Test drive BMW X5 xDrive25d

On the feeling of control can be influenced by setting crossover suspension, assistant traffic, active safety systems, sky cameras, adaptive LED headlamps, Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go, an advanced night vision with dynamic illumination of living objects, projection display , Active Parking Assist (Park Assistant) and other equipment.

For convenience affect the panoramic roof, sport or comfort front seats, active ventilated front seats, second-row heating, 4-zone climate control system, features TV, Internet services with BMW ConnectedDrive, multimedia and navigation systems Professional, speakers from Harman Kardon or Bang & Olufsen, and the list goes on and on. In general, if there is a certain amount of basic and most affordable X5 xDrive25d can be equipped with not less powerful and more expensive initially modifications.

Test drive BMW X5 xDrive25d

The lower part of the dashboard is reminiscent of predecessor E70, and now separates the upper backlight (can be selected from nine options). In general, the front part played by new faces, visually looks lighter and significantly improved visibility.

Some switches can even order a ceramic finish. IDrive controller in our case with a touch panel, a recognition letter written by the finger.

The new generation BMW X5 was unknown to him before finishing materials, thanks to which the interior has become more elegant. Their large selection allows you to personalize your car.

Test drive BMW X5 xDrive25d

Inside right notes as sleeker and easier now looks like the dashboard. Its upper part of the lower and does not cover the monitor system iDrive, up to date 10.2-inch screen, like a tablet that is inserted into the front panel. And most importantly, this design significantly improved visibility, and feel right front size in F15 much easier. Yes, and I manage a new and fairly large crossover easily and naturally, like cars. And I think these feelings influenced the installation easier and more compact engine, the appearance of which we promised during the first test drive BMW X5 (F15).

This unique engine – under the hood of various BMW, he develops from 116 to 218 hp If not for the plastic cover, the 4-cylinder motor of us have hardly seen because for better weight distribution cars has traditionally pushed deep into the base as possible.

Minus two percent

This history does not have any pattern. The most modest engines in the BMW X5 has always been a 3-liter “six”. And then the motor from passenger cars, which are 4 cylinder 2 liter working volume, although the movement is not at all annoying. If the outside of his voice seems too harsh and loud in the cabin powerplant completely inaudible thanks to excellent sound insulation. Of course, with gentle stroking accelerator there is not the same natural and powerful acceleration, both the 3-liter turbodiesel in the BMW X4 (F26).

Test drive BMW X5 xDrive25d

Behind the wheel of BMW X5 xDrive25d chill thrill not tickle in my chest, because the acceleration to 100 km / h takes 5.8 and not 6.8 and 8.2 seconds. Yes, and you can see that the 2-liter engine more tense when heavy acceleration, and because of that the fuel consumption of these units in the city and claimed nearly equal within 6.5-6.7 liters per 100 kilometers. But in fact all these cars average fuel consumption, we in the range of 10 liters, and only in the most aggressive driving up a couple of liters. On the dashboard preserved traditional BMW mechanical economizer below the tachometer. His testimony tailoring scare, so it’s best to look at the numbers the trip computer.

But in 98% of road situations opportunities cylinder diesel turbo “kopeck piece” missing. Automatic 8-speed Steptronic cleverly substitutes the right gear, and urban speeds with medium speed 218-hp BMW X5 xDrive25d steadily gaining momentum when overtaking and advancing. Two turbine smooth turboyamu, and only when it is necessary to drastically dart off or minimum speed, you notice that there are still at the beginning of a small hitch. Then there is a surge of thrust and high-speed motor is not so energetic. It is understand that slips three to four lanes for a reversal or flee from a traffic light on the obviously more powerful opponents. So for us was the BMW X5 with the previous generation 4.8-liter atmospheric V8.

The representative of the old school Motors with its 355 horses and 475 Nm initially dynamic – to disperse hundreds had claimed 6.5 seconds. Our 2-liter 218-horsepower X5 xDrive25d it should take just 1.7 seconds more. But in practice the gap while the start is not so striking as expected. And if the best use of 450 Nm of torque, while holding the motor within the 1500-2500 r / min manual gearbox, it is possible to fight on almost equal terms. Yet the newcomer will be easier. The consumption of diesel fuel “kopeck piece” is twice lower.

Fuel economy BMW X5 xDrive25d standard mode helps energy recovery system and Auto Start Stop. Last canceled when settings Sport, and I just prefer to ride with them. Then lower gear box keeps the motor almost all the time in the bending zone even when calm, uniform ride and reset the gas. As a result, the power unit immediately respond to the addition of gas and much more willing to spinning. Yes, and drive more intense – that way I used to feel the BMW. In Comfort mode and Eco Pro bagel unusually light. However, it still remains a sensitive and accurate, and “X five” very pleasant to drive.

With such a great setting combines comfortable running. I admit I was surprised, so smoothly and quietly machine on wheels with 19-inch wheels riding on our roads. Let on softer snow tires, but even on a fairly deep pot-holes and cut-outs of asphalt suspension springs is very good, no hard knocks.

Even with the 2-liter 4-X5 tsilindrovikom this fully corresponds to the title of Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV).

Test drive BMW X5 xDrive25d

The advantage in the wallet

BMW X5 is now not so masculine and brutal car. It is less sharp reactions, but it is very easy to make friends and to tune in to one, albeit smoother wave. And so it fits nice easy 2-Lirova 4 tsilindrovik. He’s BMW X5 xDrive25d are not so much inferior to his fellow in the dynamics, but is much more economical than gasoline cars. Diesel “X-fifths” the difference in fuel consumption is not so great, so the main advantage of this modification is the cost. In comparison with the 3-liter version of the X5 xDrive25d can save more than 350 thousand hryvnia. At the same time the pleasure of driving is not less, and can be equipped with this car is no worse than any other version of the BMW X5.


Body and Comfort

The new BMW X5 (F15) combines drayverskiy character and smoothness in the motion. Suspension has become much more comfortable, and better insulation. To sit down in the salon and get out of it is now easier visibility also improved. Increased trunk, the opportunity to officially ordered the 7-seater car.

Front copies model X6 and back with some angles looks hard. Ground clearance is smaller – though only 1 cm.

Powertrain and dynamics

Eco Pro mode, the engine and the air conditioner move to the algorithm of the fuel sparing, automatic transmission provides the function of coasting and navigation selects the most economical route. Even against the backdrop of the obviously more powerful 2-liter engine proved to be a fine. Such X5 xDrive25d minimum loses dynamics powerful petrol versions, but at times exceeds them in terms of efficiency.

In comparison with the 3-liter version is not the same excitement from the intense acceleration and strong fuel economy.

Finance and Equipment

New modification increases the number of offers in the market. Besides X5 xDrive25d is the most accessible version of the crossover in our market. In terms of equipment 2-liter engine feels no discrimination, for it provided a huge list of options.

If you get carried away by equipping your car, it is very easy to pick up the cost. For 2-ditrovoy version is not available active steering.