Test drive Infiniti Q50: computer simulator

Test drive Infiniti Q50: computer simulator

In finiti Q50 replaced the G-series sedans and became an iconic car company Nissan. Firstly, the “date” with the smallest engine in the history of the brand – just two liters and four cylinders.Secondly, it is not a simple two-liter, turbocharged and with a label Mercedes. And thirdly, the world’s first production car with electronic steering. It is said that the first pancake is always lumpy.Will the new Infiniti break stereotypes, do not deprive any light motor mercedes usual vigor and enthusiasm, and how computer seems hard drive without regard to the wheels – all find out in our test!

Lovers quarrel “Germans vs. Japanese “new Q50 baffled. Where have you seen that the Japanese premium brand was the German heart? But the European car market dictates its own rules. Turbine, small volume, the availability of a diesel version.The popular D-class for the V-shaped atmospheric sixes almost no space. All because of new standards in ecology and of course fuel consumption.

Q50 four doors replaced the G-series. The legacy he inherited platform front-midship with displaced within the base power unit, seven-speed automatic and the famous V-shaped “six” series VQ. The old 2.5-liter engine is no more. That hereplaced the new engines from Mercedes. It is interesting that the diesel engine Infinti OM651 2.1 liters in the version with twin turbochargers 170 hp – Such as, for example, models Mercedes E 220 CDI and GLK 220 CDI.

But we have to test a more powerful version of the 2.0 turbo petrol 211 forces. Several unusual to see on such a small Infiniti engine, but as shown by measurements of the dynamics – small, does not mean weak. We immediately checked the dispersal to first hundred.The results surprised. Passport data of acceleration on different sources fluctuate from 7.3 to 7.6 seconds to 100 km / h. Our sample showed 7.1-7.2 seconds. And it is quite usual 95th gasoline. And in the process of measuring the power in the technical center Bosh turned out, the engine produces as much as 229 horsepower instead of the passport 211. A good start.

So it happened that today one of the main criteria for a modern car is fuel consumption. Price tags at the pump “bite” even non-poor people. If you look at the passport data, the figures Infinti delight: 9.3 liters per hundred in a city mode. Surprisingly, during our test Q50 with mercedes motor and the start-stop system never went abroad 10 liters. And even if the machine is constantly spurring and aggressive driving, fuel consumption remains at a very reasonable, about 11.5 liters.

When compared to the previous Infiniti G25 with an engine capacity V6 2.5 222 hp., Who shamelessly eaten in the city 14-16 liters, the new “Phoenicia” real breakthrough. It is faster and more economical! On the route altogether shocking figures – just 5.7 liters per hundred. If we go a little higher than 130 km \ h, the rate will be about 7 liters.

Our test sample with rear wheel drive, classic floor the gas pedal and optional 19 “wheels with tires in the dimension 245/40.And if you decide to Q50 in this configuration can be podriftovat on dry pavement – we hasten to disappoint you. Razogoretyh fastener 19 “tires are so strong that the car passes turns on rails. No oversteer or understeer. Suspension – a separate conversation. Even in the low-profile tires RunFlat Phoenicia going relatively comfortable.

Test drive Infiniti Q50: computer simulator

Suspension firmly fulfills bumps and only sharp joints and deep holes in the interior come uncomfortable bumps. Body roll in minimal. According to engineers Infiniti, the design characteristics of the Q50 were calibrated with absolutely all the elements of the chassis, to increase their rigidity, revised suspension geometry and elastokinematics, change the attachment point stretchers and levers. Bodywork upgraded – increased torsional stiffness and increased the proportion of high-strength steels and aluminum.

We were on the test came with the optional package Infiniti Sport. These machines are more aggressive front bumper, migrated towards higher density suspension and more powerful brakes with calipers front and twin-piston rear (instead of floating brackets), with larger diameter discs. It stops the machine as well as picking up speed. Press lightly on the pedal and the car slows down immediately. Confidence full control of the situation on the road does not leave for a second driver.

And now to the point. Our unique Q50 installed steering system Direct Adaptive Steering – direct adaptive steering that lacks the iron link between the wheel and the wheels. In fact, the steering wheel in Infinity – a regular computer joystick, which gives the team control the electric motors on the front wheels turn. All responsible electronics: three separate electronic control unit (in the case of problems they may act as a backup) process information from multiple sensors and then send the commands two electric motors.

Latest on the steering shaft, which also mounted two pinion shaft. One of them is mechanically connected to the steering shaft by an electromagnetic clutch. So far, everything is fine, the clutch is open, but it is necessary to happen a serious failure in the entire system, the clutch immediately forms a mechanical connection with the wheel.

Why so difficult, you may ask? Firstly, for comfort. Through the open shaft on the steering wheel is not transmitted shock and vibration from the wheels and suspension. Secondly, in a fully electronic steering system easier to integrate active safety auto park and, in the future, a full autopilot. Importantly – If the steering shaft is open, when the accident bagel does not move toward the driver. And this is a weighty argument for passive vehicle safety.

Test drive Infiniti Q50: computer simulator

And third, during our test, none of our invited guests did not understand that the direct connection of the wheels with the steering wheel does not exist here. In standard mode, the machine behaves predictably sharp, aggressive. You see that Sebastian Vettel, who was involved in setting controllability of the car, did not work in vain. Even on the racetrack wheel behaves perfectly, giving a sufficient amount of feedback to the driver.

As for the snow mode here control becomes more inert, soft. The machine becomes so acute, it is predictable and reasonable. There is another mode – sports. But if you drive bad, it is better not press this button. The feeling in this mode of driving will describe in one word – karting. This emotionally, it’s fast, it’s aggressive. But unsafe. Light, barely noticeable nod donut machine and in the bump.

The quality of finishing materials and workmanship Q50 is not inferior to the competitors in the class, but to the elitist German standard yet still falls short. Yes, there are expensive plastic, aluminum, most of the parts has a great fit. But, for example, the glove compartment reason yawning gap uneven. Tell a trifle? I agree. But carp still have something. The Japanese, as always attentive to detail. It is also not clear why the cabin two huge display which ruthlessly glare in sunny weather, and leave fingerprints on the surface. There are claims to the time of “cold” start of the on-board systems – loading lasts for almost a minute.

Otherwise, everything is top notch. Read instrument panel for five-plus, and a two-section unwrapped menu (they can scroll button on the right-hand steering wheel spokes). The upper display is not pampering high resolution, is responsible for the output image with sky cameras and navigation, and the lower screen with clear and beautiful graphics icon displays a menuof the complex Infiniti InTouch – «music” (fee – Bose), climate control and adjust different systems. It works all this economy is convenient, fast and logical. Importantly, climate control is not only via the menu, but also by using a separate button unit.

Test drive Infiniti Q50: computer simulator

The Japanese are not stingy this time, the number of electronic assistants in the car. On such a standard as active cruise control, or “speed limit” I will not speak. But, for example, security Safety Shield couple of words to say necessary. Are you afraid to catch someone in the parking? Just press the small button on the steering wheel and the car begins to see all the obstacles around. Infiniti is also able to monitor the lanes and even hold the car in the band, automatically podrulivaya wheels.


Infiniti Q50 is currently the most balanced car line. Not only that, the car has an excellent design that is even able to fold the neck Kiev passers-by, but it also abounds in lots of different kinds of computer systems and assistants. Very good flow and a good speaker, plus excellent handling. And most importantly, Infiniti Q50 – is to some extent the car of the future. For machines with full electronic control trying to do for years the leading German and Swedish companies. Plainly no one failed. And here it is, worldwide success. Cherry on the cake is the price. Basic version with rear-wheel drive petrol engine 2.0T is $ 33.5 thousand., Which is much cheaper than German rivals BMW 320 and Mercedes C250.