Test Drive Nissan Qashqai new: saving on fuel

Test Drive Nissan Qashqai new: saving on fuel

Talking about the Nissan Qashqai can be infinite. This car is a long time to maintain leadership in the segment of mid-size crossovers, not only in Ukraine but all over the world. The figures speak for themselves: 2 million cars sold in 6 years. These records can boast not every manufacturer. The idea came to release an update to the Japanese not spontaneous. In the market, following the trend, a large number of strong competitors. Tried Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Honda, Volkswagen and other car industry bison. Wait for “sea weather” in this situation – a losing option. Yes, and sales began to give way to competitors. So, craftsmen from “Nissan” set to work and not just updated the good old Qashqai, and have created a virtually new car. “The first transfer” took on new product trial. And that’s what happened.


As I have already noted, the new Qashqai I met last autumn, but the design of new products never ceases to amaze. If the X-Trail’s new corporate image of “Nissan” may seem too sweet, then for Qashqai – the most it. Fresh, aggressive and modern. Now, the car looks more prestigious, fashionable and most importantly – visually became more expensive. Externally, it is not inferior to the same X-Trail and even luxury Murano. It is the merit of the London studio under the direction of Shiro Nakamura, the Japanese.

This time I will not dwell on the changes in the design, because of them I spoke in the autumn test the petrol version. Just recall the main – Nissan Qashqai is designed on a new platform CMF (Common Modular Family). The wheelbase is now wider by 16 mm. The machine was 47 mm long and 26 mm wider. Due to falling below the roof of the car was 15 mm. New dimensions and optimization of internal space in the interior allowed to extend 11 mm. The trunk has increased from 410 to 430 liters. But Smiles at least, because I personally do these additional centimeters never felt.

Test Drive Nissan Qashqai new: saving on fuel

Yes, probably, legroom was actually a little bit more. But like I could not sit properly in the back seat in a previous version, and I can not new. The man with the growth of 190 cm and above have to slouch. In place of the driver and passengers have no such problems. Nissan took into account the wishes of tall drivers who are still “Qashqai” propped his head ceiling. New lifter allows the front seats to take a lower landing. Ergonomics, seats with lateral support, the survey – the new version everything was better.


Inside the Qashqai no longer feel that you are in a “Niva”. Now here is expensive, beautiful, salon quality assembled. We on the test equipment with the most expensive leather, navigation and panoramic roof. The impression that you are in the Infiniti, even before last generation. Commendable.

The new Nissan Qashqai has Soup helper previously installed only on the premium “Nissan”. This blind spot monitoring system, monitoring of Rows sensor, driver fatigue, LED head light, automatic light switching, GPS navigation system circular view, parking sensors and automatic parking system.

Test Drive Nissan Qashqai new: saving on fuel

Speaking of the parking assistant. For many, it will seem just fun fun. Judge for yourself by clicking the button – and the car itself picked up a parking space by removing the steering wheel, Park, also thanked. During the test I have no less than ten times asked different drivers, whether they are ready to pay for this miracle. In all cases, we received a negative reply.Therefore, note the park pilot is able to put your “Qashqai” in the narrowest space in the parking lot, but our driver to such technologies are not yet psychologically ready.

Hustler and noisy

In the test “first gear” diesel engine with Nissan Qashqai 1.6 dC i. It is not difficult to guess that this engine is the most popular in Ukraine. Consumption of 6.5 liters per 100 km in the city with the price of diesel fuel in the 28 UAH per liter? Other options can not be, the numbers speak for themselves. Another plus – high-torque motor. The power of 130 horsepower and 320 Nm of torque at 1750 rpm provide an excellent dynamics and injectivity.

Turbo 1.6 dCi – a joint product of the alliance Renault-Nissan, is based on the predecessor 1.9 dCi. Updated on 75% of the engine equipped with a turbocharger with variable geometry, dual-flow exhaust gas recirculation, accelerating the process of warming up and direct fuel injection multi-injection, providing portioned filling of cylinders per cycle. Engine thrust is almost independent of load machine. Excellent responsiveness on the gas pedal even in the normal mode. Do you want to frolic, sports mode is activated. Acceleration 11 seconds before the first hundred is not a bad result.

Test Drive Nissan Qashqai new: saving on fuel

And all this is not only due to the new engine, reduced weight by 90 kilograms, but also a new gearbox. More precisely, here is the same variator, but it considerably upgraded. Customize it with an eye to the transmission of this type – Multitronic of Audi. According to the creators, it interacts with the engine CVT is even better than the prototype. Now nissanovskiy Xtronic simulates the classic “machine” by slicing on the boom acceleration seven fixed scarring and trained to simulate engine braking.

Moreover, the more aggressive you go, the deeper markings. And in sport mode that pressure is enabled by default. This effect – the merit of the new oil pump, to provide increased pressure in the system checkpoint. However, to say that Xtronic –CVT is the best box in the world, I would not. In Multitronic communication accelerator pedal is still better. Upgraded Xtronic little head restrains high-torque engine – set the speed goes too smoothly.

You may ask, is there any disadvantages? Perhaps the issue of drive except that you can cling only to the sound insulation. I can not say that it does not exist, or it is very bad. Outsiders street noise in the cabin is not so much. But … Diesel engine roar is heard in all its glory. It seems that designers have simply forgotten to set obesshumku engine compartment.


Even in the last test, we were told that the new Nissan Qashqai has become tougher. Former smoothness now it pleases only the waves of asphalt. But on the broken areas in the interior penetrate vibration and shock. The car feels even minor irregularities. “Adaptive” the ability of the chassis as something not very noticeable. This new “Qashqai” is very different from his older brother, Nissan X-trail. During the first test, the petrol version, we were convinced that the whole thing in suspension design. But it was enough to raise the car on the ski lift, it became clear – fundamental differences from the X-Trail is not here. I would say more, Ivan Stankevich they did not find.

Test Drive Nissan Qashqai new: saving on fuel

You may ask, so what’s the question? Obviously, in a reduced weight, and possibly other settings, shock absorbers and springs. Minus 90 kg did their job. But there is in this, and the positive – the almost complete absence of body roll in the corners. And the team is now responsible crossover faster and more accurately. Manageability improved. Fly in the ointment appeared migrated electric power steering. It does not provide adequate information on the position of the front wheels.When iterating crossover rate, as before, trying to straighten the path. There was the second “Kashkai” and a penchant for demolition of the front axle. And finally I would like to say the diesel version Qashqai somehow got lowdown – 180 mm to 200 mm in the petrol version. Trifle? But not for our roads.


Summarizing it should be noted the main thing – the new Qashqai was the best around. One needs only to look at the price list. Qashqai is not easy to have on the world markets. And it’s not in design, comfort, efficiency, and reliability. Here ‘Kashkai “everything good. The fact that the first “Qashqai” was not just a machine, but a breakthrough is literally based on the niche market of midsize crossovers. Today in this niche ran dozens of automobile companies. But one thing is for sure: with such data the new Qashqai will certainly among the leaders.