Test drive Peugeot 308 new: French lion with a German accent

Test drive Peugeot 308 new: French lion with a German accent

With almost a year late after the world premiere of “Car of the Year 2014” in Europe, we got the car for a test drive. Model of the Peugeot 308 has received 307 total points, ahead ¬†with the Citroen C4 Picasso and even the Mercedes S-class. It is said that the scores of the new hundred-eight received the advance. Concern PSA is going through difficult times and to the new Peugeot 308 and the platform EMP2, on which it is built, the French made a major bet. Preceded, Peugeot 307, became European Car of the Year in 2002 and for ten years has reached nearly 3.8 million circulation of copies sold. Let’s try to figure out whether the new model is to repeat the success of the parent.

On the test we got the car in the initial configuration with a pair of options, HDi turbo diesel engine 92 hp. and 5-step “mechanics”. This is the most economical version in the lineup. And the light, according to the specification. But with technology and consumption shall understand later. Let us estimate the appearance.

The design of the new 308 th developed corporate style, but it is very noticeable that the French do not want to risk making the car unnecessarily extravagant. All sharp edges smoothed angles expressive little look clinging except for the head garland in the shape of the headlights and rear custom optics, which has become the hallmark of Peugeot on new models. Most impressively silver 308th looks at night under floodlights

The French do not hide that their main competitor and the number one goal – the ancestor class “named after himself.” Yes, the giant circulation Course not give sleep to any of the automakers. But in the pursuit of balance and attempt to make the perfect car for all new models often lose their identity. Let’s see what surprises we have prepared for interior designers.
A suprise really is! The door closes with a muffled sound, hands lie on the very comfortable “steering wheel”, as if it made specifically for you. Rejoice and kinesthetic – tactile feel of the high-quality leather steering wheel, its shape and size cause only positive emotions. Qualitatively. The ranges of the steering wheel and seat adjustments are enormous. The interior of the new 308 th will find a comfortable fit as the tank crews and team players NBA.

Test drive Peugeot 308 new: French lion with a German accent
Clear lines, faceted forms ducts push asceticism to the console, good ergonomics, quality materials and the absence of phenolic flavors from plastic. First thought: Why, it’s a German car in its purest form! Peugeot recalls Golf and Leon simultaneously. Claims may be except that the complete absence of mechanical climate control buttons. Absolutely all management operations systems of the car has to be done through the touch-screen. Firstly, it is not very convenient and have to divert eyes from the road, and secondly a little retarding computer interface, and the schedule could be better.

Are there any disadvantages in the Peugeot 308 saloon? In an effort to make the car as compact as possible (the new 308 is shorter than its predecessor by 20 mm), the French did not go the way of the class megalomania when each new generation, more and more of the previous. Therefore, if a person gets behind the wheel height is 190 centimeters and above, it is placed in the back seat only child.

The headrest is also not the most successful forms. At a vertical landing, he presses the lower bound in the back of the driver. And the first couple of days makes the brain tachometer needle which takes off in the opposite direction – counterclockwise. Unusually.

Tachometer needle moves in the opposite direction, and the first time you catch yourself thinking – why when braking, it goes to a place where a conventional tachometer red zone begins? I never used to. But overall symmetry.

The rest of the claims to the cabin there. The trunk volume of 420 liters – 70 liters more than its predecessor. Folding rear seats in proportion 40:60 can increase its volume up to 1309 liters when the goods to the ceiling. But enough about the cabin. How is going this car?

Test drive Peugeot 308 new: French lion with a German accent

You’ll laugh, but it goes just as there is in – in German. Remember, we have tested in the winter Seat Leon turbo engine with 1.4? It seems that the control of Peugeot 308 are configured on the same plant. He’s a little more comfortable, but rulitsya academically accurate and correct. All road irregularities suspension willingly swallows, smoothing the bumps and vibration. Except that you can criticize excessive linearity damper settings – they would add the stiffness at the end of the course, because very serious pits suspension breaks with a noticeable impact. And still it would be nice to add a force on the steering wheel, he was too lightweight. The rest Peugeot 308 new – it is an example of how to be configured comfortable front-drive car.

Turbodiesel engine in the test car is familiar to us from other models. It has an output of 92 hp at 4000 rev / min and 230 Newton meters of torque that are available already from 1750 rpm. In combination with 5-speed pen manufacturer declares disperse hundreds of 11.3 seconds at a flow rate of the passport in the city of 4.5 liters.

Over time overclocking, of course, a little fib. The best time, which was able to show the test car – 12 seconds. And then, it was necessary to seek momentum shift, because if turn the engine into the red zone, the acceleration time is increased to 13.8 seconds. The algorithm was quite simple: in first gear untwist the engine up to 4000 rev / min, all subsequent switch to 3800. Spin above 4000 engine makes no sense.

Riding through the city in a very active mode, measurements of acceleration and top speed of final consumption did not exceed 5.7 liters. Typical urban consumption ranged from 4.5 to 5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. If desired, and less. It’s really a very economical car.

Of plus Noting the excellent setting of the motor on bottoms – it allows you to safely get under way without touching the accelerator pedal, just gently releasing the clutch. At the same time, the engine does not love movement vnatyag. In the fall to 1200-1300 rpm and engine vibration appear throughout his work suggests that it is time to switch down. Optimal momentum for it 1500-2500.
System Hill Assist, which allows to keep the car on the rise, set up perfectly. No, really. I myself own a European car with a similar system, we tried to work it and to “Japanese.” But it was a new hundred-eighth you do not even notice its existence. The machine is very smooth brake blocks, and when you start very slowly let go, without disruption. At first it seems that it’s a great clutch setting. I had the special stop on a steep slope, to check whether the system is installed in the car.
As for the sound insulation, the Peugeot 308, everything at a decent level, comparable with the best classmates. Even the diesel engine does not annoy too much acoustic and vibration.

But where do without a spoon of tar in this barrel of honey? And this time, this was the spoon manual gearbox. It’s terrible. Moves lever so huge that you seem to shift gears in Icarus, but not in a compact Hatch. In addition, the clarity of inclusion of transfers is poor. They have to literally hammer with a palpable force.

Test drive Peugeot 308 new: French lion with a German accent
“Corridor” testing: 3 out of 5 people could not the first time engage first gear (including third). And tight long-stroke clutch pedal adds negativity. The case when you are ready to put up with a thoughtful “robot”, instead of a pen.
I would like to try, and the version with the 1.6 petrol turbo engine with 150 strength, which works with a 6-speed automatic Aisin. We tested a set on the Peugeot 3008 and were satisfied. A more lightweight and compact 308 must be even more good news. Still, 8.5 seconds to hundreds of very nice figure.


Company Peugeot has released a potential bestseller. Despite the fact that the car seems to be more refined than the previous model, and it lacks something special, a new 308-th can rightly be called a French course. Comfortable and pleasant in taxiing and very economical.