Test drive Renault Captur: car of the future

Test drive Renault Captur: car of the future

Just appeared on the road test Renault Captur immediately began collecting rave reviews from passers-by and drivers. That, however, is not surprising. Cute and harmonious vehicle built by the French. And, as has become a tradition in the segment of compact cars, looks at the Captur youth and vivid. In the more expensive equipment Dynamique it can still add some color. In this embodiment the body has a contrasting color – the roof, the A pillars, mirror housings, grille and bezel fog lamps, door moldings and tailgate, as well as elements of the wheels can be black, beige or orange. Thus, you can create multiple options to help personalize your car.

Urban SUV

Extensive protective lining of unpainted plastic bumpers on the doorstep and, as well as an impressive ground clearance of 20 cm (agree, this is not even where many larger SUVs) gives this compact SUV features townspeople. And additional accessories such as silver linings mounted on the bumpers and sills, our car gave brutality. Although the practical application of the bandwagon, we did not find. And without them, sit in the car and planted very convenient. While these elements are forced to dismiss on foot so as not to stain your pant leg and eat part of the clearance.

Test drive Renault Captur: car of the future

Despite this off-road appearance, leaving a relatively smooth roads on this Renault we advise caution. Still, the front bumper at the car suspended smallish, besides Captur only front-drive car, as, indeed, and Clio model based on which he built. Inside, their relationship reminded steering wheel, door armrests with remote control electric windows and mirrors, dashboard and opportunities for individualization of the interior. For example, a glove box, edging baffles blowing, center console and speakers can be orange or turquoise. But apart from purely decorative solutions Captur offers original solutions.

The interior of the relationship with the Clio remind steering wheel, door armrests with remote control electric windows and mirrors, instrument panel and the possibility to personalize the interior.

Compartment front panel slides out like a drawer, and is also an object of personalization as it does not have to be beige in our case. Now take a closer look at something on which we are sitting. I do not know who thought about, and I’m talking about the covers. Exactly!

Test drive Renault Captur: car of the future

The Dynamique version of the front and rear seat rows are covered with such covers. But most importantly, they can be easily removed to clean or wash. As I see it, this is an ideal solution if you carry any in the cabin of a small child.

Speaking of kids. If the mother sat her child behind, the sofa can push forward, to easily reach to the child seat. However, sit down even an adult is difficult, as the number of moves only in its entirety. But thus win a place in the trunk. If the rear bed pushed back, legroom is sufficient.

Back row moves this kid! When it is moved as much as possible back, legroom is adult enough here. Escaping can catch on the heel of the plastic casing.

You can create multiple configurations of the boot and make it more spacious, just being played back row and the raised floor. It can turn the plastic side, which is easy to wash, if it is necessary to carry the dirty, wet weight or at risk of it spilling. In addition, the panel can be adjusted in two levels, dividing the compartment in two.

From the trunk there is also a pen, allowing the back row move and increase the volume of the compartment with 377 to 455 liters. The beauty of this approach is to realize when it is necessary to put in the trunk are not two or three, and four or five packages from the supermarket.

Raised floor in the luggage compartment can be adjusted in two levels: the upper position, it provides a flat loading area and the impressive underground niche, in the bottom allows you to carry a higher luggage. If the cargo is dirty or wet, the panel flips upside down, which is easy to clean.

Mechanical option

For Renault Captur will be offered two turbo: gasoline volume of 1.2 liters (115 hp) and is the same as in our car diesel 1.5-liter (90 hp). With such a motor is already familiar to owners of cars the family Logan and Sandero, Lodgy and Dokker, as well as the Duster. Engine unpretentious, economical and flexible. It is not annoying vibrations and sound at any speed and in the early inclusion of the higher gears. Traction motor is being felt closer to 2000 rev / min, mode turbopodhvata engine goes smoothly, without sharp emotional outburst, and as quietly calms down somewhat at high speeds.

Test drive Renault Captur: car of the future

The motor – in this case a 1.5-liter turbodiesel, the same as that encountered during tests on various Renault. The Captur it is equipped with Stop & Start and the regime ECO.

The dashboard looks fresh, interesting and modern. Scale fuel level indicator is almost the same size as that of the tachometer. It is better that we have seen how slow the arrow falls in the turbodiesel version?

The control unit is climate-control and display multimedia complex are used not only in the new Clio, but familiar to us from other models Renault: the family of Logan and Sandero, Lodgy and Duster.

Without remote steering column-mounted audio controls (peeps under the right steering wheel spokes) machines this company I do not remember.

At that moment, when the work enters the turbine, the machine looks quite cheerful, and if at the time of switching, the speeds in urban easy to stick in the general pace. But in general, the dynamics of cars is very reasonable. The main thing for him is to save. For this it is equipped with Stop & Start and the regime ECO. When activated, the already quiet power unit is even more phlegmatic, though reluctantly begins to disperse the car. At the same time, and significantly reduces the climate control fan speed. Even without the economic regime in the city and suburbs of fuel have ranged from 4.8-5.2 liters with a quiet ride with smooth soft comfortable gear changes.

In this case, the engine is mated to a manual gearbox. But, with all the cars in the country will be sold only to a 6-speed robotized transmission preselektivnoy Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) double-clutch. With this configuration, we have already seen the example of Renault Megane. And we liked the load of a pair of 1.5-liter turbodiesel and “robot”.

Wheels with 17-inch wheels on our car is a beautiful option. Although they are somewhat reduced ride comfort on soft suspension. In deep potholes and large cracks transverse suspension Captur reacts harshly and loudly. It will be interesting to assess the progress of the machine on wheels with 16-inch wheels. It has to be softer.

Multimedia system MediaNAV will be installed in the more expensive of the two options of equipment, along with a rearview camera. Picture with her can be corrected on the fly.

In other cases, the suspension of our machines fulfills defects comfortable, well smooths vibration even on the pavement and quiet spring on patches and hump. Yes, and in the management of Renault Captur lively and pleasant.

Market hatchback-SUV class with the appearance even in our country already saturated. So Renault Captur will have to compete with the popular in our countryman Peugeot 2008, the familiar brothers Chevrolet Trax and Opel Mokka, a relative of the concern Nissan Juke, market newcomers Suzuki Vitara and Ford EcoSport. But even with so many rivals Renault Captur has good chances to become popular in our country. Auto has a modern appearance and youth, exceeds his opponents largest wheelbase, high ground clearance and a tiny rear overhang facilitate transportation on uneven and rough roads and even parking near high curbs. So we have to wait for the price of Renault Captur and then there will be clear exactly who will be his main rival.

Test drive Renault Captur: car of the future


Body and Comfort

The cabin is spacious enough, for such a compact car. Ground clearance is 200 mm, which does not always meet, and where the larger SUV. There are some combination of colors and a set of accessories to highlight your car. Stay in the driver’s seat got comfortable enough – the chair is height adjustable and the steering column is moved in two planes. Planting higher than in the passenger car, which has a positive impact on visibility. On the doors are double seals. They also exist in the bottom edge, so that the threshold is kept clean all the time.

Test drive Renault Captur: car of the future

The second row is moved only in its entirety. Low front overhang. The interior is well punched street noise. Suspension with wheels 17-inch wheels firmly and loudly reacts to the cracks and potholes.

Powertrain and dynamics

Turbo diesel engine is able to please the low fuel consumption. Motor familiar from other models of the family Renault Logan and Sandero, Lodgy and Dokker, as well as the Duster, and has earned the trust of domestic motorists. But, he Captur is equipped with Stop & Start mode and ECO.

For cars with such appearance would be a more dynamic engine, acceleration to 100 km / h takes more than 13 seconds.

Test drive Renault Captur: car of the future

Finance and Equipment

The basic equipment of cars should include: ESP, help system at start on the rise, cruise control, tire pressure sensor, fog lights, key card “hands-free” wheel in a leather sheath, 16-inch alloy wheels, front and rear electric windows, daytime running lights, sliding rear row with the folding. The higher level of equipment Captur gets a navigation system, rearview camera, and climate control.

It proposed only two complete and simpler equipment car devoid of color combination and covers on the seats.