Test-drive Suzuki SX4: not changing traditions

Test-drive Suzuki SX4: not changing traditions

Today in the lineup Suzuki is a real frame SUV Jimny, crossovers Vitara, SX4 and Grand Vitara, as well as cars and Swift Kizashi.  And if you pay attention to the range of the Japanese manufacturer, all-wheel drive cars are the majority.

Waiting for news, we decided to stretch a full drive Suzuki SX4 with the same transmission.

Suzuki SX4 sold atmospheric petrol engine of 1.6 liters and 156 Nm. But mission here varied: car is available as a manual 5-speed gearbox, and with stepless variator. Drive both the front and full.

Engine new Suzuki SX4 got from the previous generation model, but it somewhat modernized. The engineers have worked on reducing the friction loss and weight loss. In the motor piston group facilitated it became thinner and lighter crankshaft. Bearings, where possible, replaced by a more narrow, is now a variable oil pump performance. Reduced load required for the opening of the valves. This set of improvements enhanced the capacity of 5 forces and torque of 6 Nm, significantly decreased and fuel consumption. However, to get acquainted with all the differences between the two generations of Suzuki SX4 can be the example of our comparative test these models.

1.6-liter engine went from last-generation model. But he was visibly rejuvenated, after which he became more powerful, high-torque and much more economical. The transmission in the test car all-wheel drive with a system four modal All Grip. By default, after starting the engine it is in the Auto, which is transmitted to the front axle, and in case of slippage of the front wheels is connected the rear axle. Furthermore, it is automatically maximizes fuel economy. Sport is perfect for the active drive on the pavement. This mode improves traction on bottoms, and the motor becomes noticeably more elastic, and part of torque sent to the rear axle. On slippery surfaces clearly felt appeared a tendency to oversteer, this mode helps to refuel the car in turns with the active driving.

Test-drive Suzuki SX4: not changing traditions

AWD transmission Suzuki SX4 AllGrip 4WD four modal. The choice of driver Auto, Sport, Snow and Lock.

But on the roads need a bit more. For loose or slippery surfaces (sand, gravel, mud, snow, ice) is intended mode of Snow. Before arrival at Sands include his name, because here when you click Lock is activated imitation of transverse differential lock. In the sands of Suzuki SX4 it was like a fish in water – a relatively small weight of 1100 kg and competent all-wheel drive works wonders. Even in a rut where not enough 175-mm ground clearance, crossover, shoveling sand front bumper, hard to move forward.

Do not confuse four-wheel drive SX4 and stop in the desert, get a move easily even on a slight rise. For the purity of the experiment includes automatic mode and at the first attempt to start understand that the machine starts to burrow into the loose sand. Return washer inclusion of modes All Grip in Snow, then Button Lock, SX4 and again at liberty.

Diagonal display for this crossover is not a problem, and in automatic mode, the transmission he stubbornly creeping forward, even without having contact with the ground all the wheels. With activated lock it seems, can only be stopped by landing on its belly, and it’s normal winter tires.

Clearance Suzuki SX4 is 175 mm – less than in the previous generation model, but 10 mm longer than the Suzuki SX4 in Europe.

Of course, there is also disadvantages. The first – a large front overhang that affects geometric cross machine. The second – the ground clearance only 175 mm (even last generation all-wheel drive version, it was 190 mm).

Separately, we note the suspension SX4, which is great for our broken roads and rough terrain. It is energy-intensive, but not too soft. With these settings, the running machine a pleasure to manage, even when driving fast, although the previous generation were alive, with a sharp and informative driving.

Test-drive Suzuki SX4: not changing traditions

Despite the fact that the geometric cross Suzuki SX4 deteriorated AWD proved excellent off-road. The car is easy to cope with a variety of obstacles in snow, mud and sand. Of course, for serious off-road it is not intended, but tasks such as fishing, picnic or just a trip to the nature, SX4 cope. And fans of the mud puddle, climb mountains, fords and run routes let pay attention to new Suzuki Jimny, test drive which we will in the near future.


Body and Comfort

The spacious interior and a roomy 440-liter boot with a double floor, a variety of hooks and loops. In addition, a large glove box and was pleased roomy door pockets.

In front there is no adjustment of the lumbar support. At a speed of over 100 km / h the aerodynamic noise begins to grow in the area of the exterior mirrors. Inconvenient control trip computer.

Powertrain and dynamics

Test-drive Suzuki SX4: not changing traditions

Good off-road qualities. Simple operation-wheel drive transmission. Enjoyed the efficient work of the switching mechanism INC. Low fuel consumption. Energy-intensive suspension.

In some countries the available diesel version of SX4. Large front overhang, limiting geometric permeability. Clearance of less than all-wheel drive SX4 last generation.

Finance and Equipment

Even the basic version is very rich, full of cars equipped with the system safety and comfort options. He has a much more extensive list of optional equipment and accessories. Among the petrol four-wheel drive SUV with a manual transmission Suzuki SX4 is the most affordable on the market.

Versions with the “mechanics” is not top of the range GLX +.