Test -Drive Volkswagen Touareg 2015

Test -Drive Volkswagen Touareg 2015

That means for you personally Volkswagen Touareg? Urban crossover SUV, glamorous “half jeep”?According to polls, the majority of motorists about the hero of our test had such an opinion. In fact, this is a ride couple of hundred kilometers and the impression will change to the opposite. This is what happened with the journalists ‘first transmission’, who took a brand new “Touareg” for weekly test drive.

During the test the Volkswagen Touareg in 2015, many have asked me the same question: why test car, which is already sold more than one year? The fact that the new version different from its predecessor so small that can detect changes except that the old owners. Professionals know, there was a renewal, first of all pay attention to the lights. The Volkswagen not have to be original and have gone on well-trodden path. Fashion trend, LED, solid strips, a la “Audi” or “Range Rover” is now in “Tuareg”.

This little bar did design “Tuareg” richer and more solid. Surprisingly, the car is not lost in the gray urban mass. Changed drawing the rear lights, the shape of the bumper and grille. Now, there are not two wide strips as it was previously, and four narrow. Behind the wings were small stamping. Here, perhaps, and all the steps of design ideas.

If on the exterior, we were able to gain a whole paragraph of text, but inside everything remains the same. The Germans have only added two buttons on the center console: a heated steering wheel and windshield. These functions have been here before, but hidden somewhere in the depths of the menu. Another nice change – the dashboard. Now it glows white moonlight. Previously, there was an annoying red lights.

Test -Drive Volkswagen Touareg 2015

Otherwise, everything as before: strict German luxury, comfort and space expensive decoration materials (leather, wood and soft plastics). Despite the fact that the design of the interior painted a few years ago, almost all Japanese competitors Tuareg him lose much.

Owners of previous Tuareg had hoped to see the novelty of multimedia system, which put in the latest models of “golf”. Say, for “stool” she tupit and it not very convenient to use. The Germans did not hear the request of customers. But it seemed to me that the electronics work well, a solid four. In addition, the graphics on the display at a high level, both in terms of processing and clarity. From bonuses – now the media has learned to go online. Also, there were features such as Google Search, Google Earth and Google Street View.

We look at the spec Volkswagen Touareg new and realize that we are lucky today! On the test we got a “Tuareg” in the very top-end configuration. Motor V6 TDI, Automatic transmission eight stages, and an optional air suspension package Terrain Tech (off-road). Looking ahead, say, a “Tuareg” afford not much, but always able to turn the perception of the car.Skeptics suggest a look at our video review.

Test -Drive Volkswagen Touareg 2015

If you are lucky enough to own a previous version and planned to buy a new engine for increased power, I hasten to disappoint. The engines of Euro-6 producing 262 horsepower will not be delivered. At least for now. Fuel have poor quality. Because, under the hood of the good old unit at 245 horsepower. I do not know how it was before, in our “Tuareg” diesel works so quietly and smoothly that it is not believed that the engine runs on heavy fuel. And what intense craving! Its 580 N • m “six” produces already since 1750 rev / min. The car accelerates steadily to 180 km \ h. The phrase “rushing like a locomotive” – it’s about Touareg.

Then pull down, but the car continues to gain speed. For machines weighing 2185 kg claimed acceleration time to 100 km / h in just 7.3 seconds. Maximum speed of 225 km / h badsome result. The only thing you can complain – low sensitivity of the accelerator. But it is necessary to throw the handle boxes in a sport mode, the problem there and then disappears.

On the track “Touareg” behaves like a passenger car. Feeling SUV is missing completely. Dimensions are clear, easy to control, rapid acceleration. On the “Tuareg” make overtaking a pleasure. Gas in the floor – and the car and starts to accelerate smoothly and rapidly. And does so without any tension. Well the car behaves in the corners. Even at the speed it does not demolish it perfectly holds its course, does not heel.

We have a test version with air suspension and adaptive shock absorbers. On the bumpy road, our “Touareg” behaves nobly as on quality track. During the test drive, we did not manage to never break the suspension. Although, sometimes covering not happy. Even serious pit machine fulfills so worthy, that I want to succumb to more gas. However, it is better not to do.After all, despite its excellent drivability and power consumption, the health of the suspension is not explicitly added. The price of such a system repair is better not to ask – will cost a pretty penny.

Gasspring with Sachs dampers can change the ride height within 160-300 mm. In the settings, you can enjoy the Comfort velvet swing, regardless of the quality of the canvas. Suspension eats everything, even huge potholes with sharp corners. This is the case when the roads in the city will be much better.

Test -Drive Volkswagen Touareg 2015

In Sport-mode, ground clearance is reduced automatically reduces pitch and roll, suspension noticeably indicates the joints and holes with sharp edges and starts transmitting microprofile, who had remained unnoticed without straining either the driver or passengers. From the selected mode depends on the effort on the steering wheel, although the accuracy, response time, and the information content of the drive remains at the same high level.
Other modes are designed for off-road and heavy off-road. But more on that below.

So, let us recall, our Touareg is equipped with a special off-road package Terrain Tech. Lifting angle this car 45 degrees, ford, we can pass to a depth of 580 mm, the machine is able to move around the 35-degree side slope. Agree to plant a car with two locks, the down side by side and 300-mm clearance at the top position air suspension, even as the need to try. But we tried.

On our tour, you can talk a long time, and the best time to watch the video. Those tasks that we were able to put the Tuareg day filming, he ate with gusto. Jeep Wrangler is not needed. By the way, Wrangler has overcome all obstacles no less confident than the Touareg, but this is not surprising, since Jeep is the most that neither is a classic SUV.

Test -Drive Volkswagen Touareg 2015


Can we assume that the light appeared a brand new Volkswagen Touareg? Of course not. It is rather an attempt to update the Germans once again reminded about themselves and revive the already not bad Touareg sales in the world. Is there any reason the former owners Tuareg buy a new version? And here the answer is clear – no. After all, there is almost nothing has changed. Buying a Volkswagen Touareg 2015 it will be justified in two cases, if you decide to upgrade its fleet newcomer but already familiar machine. Or do you still have decided for the first time to become the proud owner of Touareg. Anyway, the Germans once again proven sales leadership in the class they hold is not in vain. By all indications Volkswagen Touareg was and remains virtually uncompromising car that has no equal on the track and on the road. True, the price of the car appropriate. The test car in the maximum configuration is estimated at nearly $ 105 thousand.