The Aston Martin denied the appearance of the road “Vulcan”

The Aston Martin denied the appearance of the road "Vulcan"

The company Aston Martin is not going to develop a road track modification supercar Vulcan, presented in March at the Geneva Motor Show. This edition of Road and Track said the chief project engineer Simon Croft.

Aston Martin Vulcan equipped with an atmospheric seven-liter engine developing more than 800 horsepower and a six-speed sequential gearbox Xtrac. Supercar, the cost of which amounted to about two million euros, will release a limited edition of 24 copies.

Earlier, the Dutch edition of De Telegraaf, with reference to the same expert said that the leadership of the British brand is seriously considering the possibility of issuing ” civilian “version of the coupe, as such a request to the company addressed some of its customers. This Croft noted that the establishment of such an option is an extremely difficult task, since the model was originally developed as a race car.

Now, however, the engineer said Road and Track, that his words were misinterpreted. “Although it is natural interest of customers to the road,” Vulcan, “we have no plans to produce such a machine. We’re going to give all our strength to build “absolute” track car “- said Croft.

Earlier it was reported that Aston Martin is working on a new supercar with Adrian Newey, who developed 10 championship Formula 1 race cars for teams Williams , McLaren and Red Bull. According to preliminary data, the model, which is a joint project of “Aston” and Red Bull Technologies, will present in 2018.